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& Begegnungsreisen

Welcome to the website of Ferienwerk Köln

Ferienwerk Köln organizes and arranges value-based, attractive and inexpensive trips for groups of all ages and types. In addition to the international and Europe-wide placement of group houses, we offer trips for groups from all over Germany, neighboring countries and beyond. Here, the Ferienwerk Köln has over 60 years of experience in organizing youth and encounter trips

Ferienwerk Köln is located in the west of Germany in Cologne, it has always been important to us to work with many different groups and to implement your ideas, this applies to groups from Germany, but increasingly also to groups from abroad. For example, in recent years we have successfully organized a Belgian valet tour and arranged accommodation for a Hungarian group.


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(self-catering) group houses

You are looking for a self-catering hous for larger groups, we offer 180 group houses in 16 countries and 42 regions in Europe. Our houses and camps can be occupied by 15 to 260 people with self-sufficiency as a self-catering house or with full board as an all-inclusive group house. Look at the multitude of different accommodations on the following link: https://ferienwerk-koeln.de/gruppenhaeuser/gruppenhaus-frage/.

large group trips

We have been planning, organizing and carrying out large group trips of all kinds for many years. Whether you are on a choir pilgrimage, a youth choir pilgrimage, an altar boy pilgrimage, a holy pilgrimage, a trip to the World Youth Day or you have a new idea for another large group trip, Ferienwerk Köln is your partner for the implementation of such a large event. This includes arrival, be it by bus, by air or even by a night train. We also arrange you your customized accommodations. We will find the accommodation that suits your desires and that your group needs. Do not hesitate to talk to us about your ideas: https://ferienwerk-koeln.de/kontakt/frage-gruppenreise/

participant management

We may also take over on request and optionally the participant management for your group trip. In this way, you create space for the application of your trip and can fully devote yourself to the preparation and supervision of the group. https://ferienwerk-koeln.de/teilnehmermanagement/


In the many years of our activity a lot of Parishes, clubs and associations, circles of friends, choirs and other groups have experienced fascinating trips with us that have an impact on everyday life beyond the travel season. https://ferienwerk-koeln.de/referenz/

We are committed to all groups and travelers for whom travel has something to do with mutual encounter. To People who are interested in getting to know others in order to draw strength from those encounters for everyday life. We look forward to working with you!

Your Ferienwerk Köln team